A2P Messaging Platform

elfoA2P is a reliable, straightforward Application-to-Person messaging platform that enables brands and businesses to engage their customers and clients with ease.

A2P Messaging

Why Choose elfoA2P?

Transparent Monitoring and Reporting

SMS marketing has been around for a very long time. The best marketers out there use this method because it is affordable, has high ROI, instant, grabs attention, and many more. In short, SMS marketing is relatively quick, easy and cost effective to implement.

Send Notification/ Announcement

People might have more than one email accounts and social media profiles. However, they only have one mobile number. elfoA2P only targets consumers who have chosen to hear more from our clients.

Send OTP (One Time Password)

It is known that online identity theft is a serious issue hence adopting the use of sending messages containing the OTP to verified users to access a specific site improves security.

Send Reminders

With elfoA2P our clients can reduce the cost of missed appointments by sending SMS reminders and confirmations. Not only that, customers satisfaction will also increase by making their customers feel they are truly important.

Key Features of elfoA2P (For Enterprises)

Attractive Packages

Our flexible subscription packages allow you to save cost by paying for only what you need.

Comprehensive Reporting

elfoA2P provides detailed real-time reports, making it easy for you to track your SMS engagement and better manage leads.

Multi-channel Communication

Secured multi-channel messaging made easy. With elfoA2P, you can blast messages securely through SMS, email and other messaging platforms.

API Integration

elfoA2P uses API Integration and POST Method to create a secure and reliable SMS messaging for brands and businesses.

Schedule SMS

elfoA2P’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to create personalized messages and schedule them earlier to save some time. elfoA2P, designed to make your life easier.

elfoAIM Integration

Greet your potential clients automatically everytime they sign up at your website! With elfoAIM integration, you can now say goodbye to manually sending SMS to potential customers and clients.

More elfoA2P Benefits

POST method

Support Roman alphabet and unicode symbols to cater for other languages

Short codes sender id available

A2P Portal
(For Enterprises)

*RM3 of free credits or equal given upon sign up

A2P Wholesale
(For Aggregators)

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