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elfoDSP is a programmatic media buying platform that enhances your digital marketing campaigns by delivering personalized advertisements to your target audience worldwide.

Digital Programmatic Advertising Platform

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In today’s highly competitive marketing landscape, leveraging data is the key to sustaining brand growth. More advertisers are seeing the open internet as a launchpad for effective advertising.

Unlike the old-school methods, data collected on elfoDSP lets marketers to grow their audience across the broadest range of websites, apps, and more – visualising ad performance for real value. Establish your brand’s presence on the internet and spread brand awareness to target audiences all around the world!


elfoDSP’s Features Got You Covered

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Flexible Bidding

Allows advertisers to evaluate the quality of individual publisher impressions.

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Real Time Reporting

Your campaign’s goals and stats are monitored around the clock and displayed in real-time. You get access to detailed information on your campaign – from a general overview, to deep campaign analytics, narrowing down to a single-creative preview level.


Worldwide Publishers

elfoDSP provides you a wide range of media placement across desktop, mobile, tablet, and apps from Top Publishers and Ad Networks to support your target audience locally and globally.

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Advanced Targeting

Our inventories are segmented according to site or carrier, demographic audience, device ID, behavioural targeting, location, time and day and other variables to add value.

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Brand Safety

Several security layers are provided to ensure your brand’s image is protected, such as traffic-scanning tools to identify and block fraudulent traffic.

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A platform that allows advertisers to create their own account, and to create, pay for, and manage campaigns.

Ad Formats

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elfoDSP provides multiple types of traditional display banners ads. These ads are a common fixture of online advertising, generating traffic to websites for both advertisers and publishers.

Skyscraper. Usually located at the side of web content for the best exposure, this tall, thin banner type is available for both desktop and mobile view.


Rectangle. Appearing virtually anywhere on a webpage, rectangle banner ads are the most adaptable standard display unit that’s compatible with desktop and mobile


Leaderboard. Immediately seen by users upon loading a webpage, these standard web banner formats are best placed at the top of the page for maximum visibility and top performance.

Sponsored content, or native ads, are a useful way for advertisers to promote products and content on websites more “naturally” without distracting the user’s on-site experience. Blending seamlessly with surrounding web content, native ads are intended to be non-disruptive and provide publishers with an easy way to boost their ad revenue through higher engagement and conversion rates.

In-stream video ad placements offer endless opportunities for marketers to present ads to viewers that match their audience demographics or interests. These video ads appear before (pre-roll), in the middle of (mid-roll) or after the video (post-roll).

These alert-like ads are short messages that are delivered directly to a user’s mobile or desktop. They inform your customers of great offers and promos to boost engagement and click-through-rates (CTR). These notifications are usually eye-catching and immediately grab a user’s attention.

Our Trusted Worldwide Partners

elfoDSP is trusted by a wide range of partners in a safe advertising ecosystem.

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