Programmatic Advertising Platform

elfoDSP is a programmatic media buying platform that enhances your digital marketing campaigns by delivering personalized advertisements to your target audience at the right place and time.
Programmatic Advertising Platform

Pricing Model

Online advertising offers varied cost models tailored to the needs of each campaign. Digital advertising needs to incorporate another series of metrics that help define the different investments. Our pricing models include CPM (Cost per Impression), CPA (Cost per acquisition), CPI (Cost per install), CPM with CPA(CPI/CPS/CPL) target.

Pricing Model


elfoDSP provides you a wide range of media placement across mobile, desktop, In-App and mobile web from Top Publishers and Ad Networks to support your target audience locally and globally. Our inventories are segmented according to site or audience demographic, purchase options and other variables to add value.

Programmatic Media Buying Placement


elfoDSP is unique as it offers the same capabilities as what ad networks used to provide, with an addition to a suite of audience targeting options. The platform also provides advertisers with the ability to do real-time bidding on ads, serve ads to a multitude of platforms, track and optimize under a single interface.

Some targeting options offered by elfoDSP include:

  • Geo
  • Demographic
  • Keyword
  • Device
  • Time
  • Worldwide Premium Publishers

Measurement (brand safety)

With advanced mobile attribution tools, advertisers can easily keep track of how different campaign performances do. elfoDSP’s smooth, modern and simple to use, you can see all data gathered across platforms, campaigns and apps. You will be able to measure your campaign performance and maximize your ROI across multiple channels.


With elfoDSP, advertisers can bid on ads such as banners, videos, and many others and optimize ad performance based on effective Cost Per Click or eCPC and effective Cost Per Mile or eCPM Key Performance Indicators. With smart retargeting ad campaigns, a DMP allows you to make ad buys through a DSP based on one previous interaction such as a product search, an ad click-through, etc.

elfoDSP Programmatic Advertising Features

Transparent Monitoring and Reporting

Your campaign’s goals and stats are monitored around the clock and displayed in real-time. You get access to detailed information on your campaign, from a general overview, to deep campaign analytics, narrowing down to a single-creative preview level.

Brand Safety

Several security layers such as ad blocking, content filters to ensure your brand’s standards are kept.

Flexible Bidding Strategy

Allows advertisers to evaluate the quality of individual publisher impressions.

Data Management Platform

Technology service that allows operators to aggregate and normalize disparate data sets for advanced campaign analytics/reporting.

Ad Verification Proxies

3rd party technology intended to measure on target delivery, viewability, brand safety, or fraud.

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