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SMS Affiliate Program

Become elfo’s SMS Affiliate and recommend customers, earning a commission on every message your client sends.

Why sign up for elfo’s SMS
Affiliate Program?

High commission and bonus

Bring closed deals and earn 15% commission of the gross profit for each conversion from your clients. Receive exclusive bonus for new user registration. Highest in the market!


Flexibility on schedule and environment of your choice. Work from home or café, basically anywhere you like.

Guidance and support are provided

For SMS affiliates to get started easily, on-boarding materials and guides are provided. Need support? We’ll be there to back you up.

Zero investment involved

All the set-ups and sources are provided by elfo, so you just need a laptop and internet to kick-off.

How to be an elfo Affiliate

2. We provide the referral link for the agent to share.

Visitors click the link on your website, blog sidebar, article, review link, etc. They will be redirected to elfo.com.

2. Every time the referred customer places a purchase, it is recorded as your referred sale and 15% commission of profit is yours to keep.

Only account registrations made through your affiliate link will be tracked. Even when the user switches devices or clears the browser cache, we are able to trace all transactions and record them as your sales once your referred client has signed up.

Join our SMS affiliate program today