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Don’t compromise on the quality of your communication – get your messages delivered fast!  

elfoA2P’s SMS messaging service is the best SMS marketing platform used by leading businesses to provide time-critical information straight to their customers. A flexible, online text messaging service to help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

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Messaging At Scale

SMS marketing services are known for being cost-effective, having high ROI, making instant connection, grabbing attention, and being relatively quick and easy to implementAnd with elfoA2P, you can blast messages securely and not have to worry about: 

Delivery Rate

Ensure 95-99% delivery rate on direct connection.

Global Coverage

We provide all types of networks to all countries in the world.

Secure SMS Gateway

IP-set VPN Protocol for additional security assurance. 

Technical Support

Our support is 24/7 around the clock. 


A Trusted and Reliable
SMS Marketing Platform

elfoA2P is the best messaging platform you can have to support your business needs. It is both a routing engine capable of sending more than 1 billion messages per month for large enterprises and sending less than 10,000 messages per month for small businesses.  

Regardless of your network size or business model, our A2P messaging platform can help you realise your marketing potential and desired audience reach. 

What elfoA2P can do for you?

The A2P messaging platform provides out-of-the-box or customized solutions to small, medium and large size enterprises. The platform enables text message marketing software to build strong relationships with customers for marketing campaigns to improve customer satisfaction, retention, campaigning effectiveness, automation of business processes and effective reporting.

Schedule SMS
Send Reminders
Send OTP
Send Notifications
Transparent Monitoring & Reporting

elfoA2P’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to create personalized messages and schedule them earlier to save time. elfoA2P is designed to make managing SMS campaigns easier through automation.

With elfoA2P our clients can reduce the cost of missed appointments by sending SMS reminders and confirmations. Not only that, customer satisfaction will also increase by making them feel they are truly important.

It is known that online identity theft is a serious issue hence adopting the use of sending messages containing the OTP to verified users improves security for specific site access.

Sometimes, brand owners face difficulties reaching their clients instantly using different forms of communication. SMS is the best option because most people only have one phone number and rarely change it. elfoA2P only targets consumers who have chosen to hear more from our clients.

elfoA2P provides a detailed report for each SMS sent in a campaign, which the user can track its status for whether SMS is pending or delivered to a mobile phone. An analysis of the SMS campaigns including the cost and % delivery status of particular campaigns is also provided.


Roman Alphabet and Unicode

Roman Alphabet and Unicode

Shared and dedicated

shortcode sender ID

Seamless and Secure Integrations for Multi-Channel Communication

elfoA2P uses API integration and SSL Certification to create a secure and reliable multi-channel messaging platform for brands and businesses. Greet your potential clients automatically through SMS, email and other messaging platforms by enabling multi-channel marketing with integrations to other platforms (ex. elfoAIM and elfoMAP).  

Loaded with powerful features, it’s super-easy for non-programmers to use! Send millions of mobile messages easily with elfo’s SMS marketing services. 

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