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The Most Reliable Bulk SMS Service

Reach and stay connected with your customers in a faster and easier way with our Bulk SMS Service.

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Bulk SMS Use Case

elfo, digital marketing

Send OTP
(One Time Password)

It is known that online identity theft is a serious issue hence adopting the use of sending messages containing the OTP to verified users to access a specific site improves security.


Share Your Best Promotions

Get your marketing campaigns across to your customers. Share your new deals and announcements with your customers through our user-friendly, reliable bulk SMS platform.

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Send Reminders

You can reduce the number of missed appointments by sending SMS reminders and confirmations. Not only that, customers satisfaction will also increase by making their customers feel they are truly important.

Key Features of BulkSMS

Easy-to-Use Interface
Easy Schedule
Customize Your SMS
Detailed Analytic Reporting

Our elfoA2P interface is designed with the ease of our customers in mind so that you can enjoy a seamless, reliable bulk SMS gateway that caters to all your SMS marketing needs.

You can create customized + personalized messages, schedule your messages, integrate with multiple channels (SMS, emails, and other messaging platforms), as well as track + monitor your SMS delivery rates all in one place!

You no longer need to manually key-in your messages and wait for the right time to hit the send button. With our easy scheduling features, you can now save more time by creating your personalized messages, scheduling them earlier and easily send automated messages (daily, weekly or monthly) at your preferred time.

Customize your SMS messages for each user. Let them know that you care for their needs and want to provide the best deals + solutions for them.

Don’t let language stop you from engaging your customers. Our reliable bulk SMS platform supports Roman alphabets and Unicode symbols, making it easy for you to create messages in multiple languages

– English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Tamil, Spanish, you name it.

Get detailed reporting for each SMS campaign. Why is this important? It can help you tweak your SMS marketing campaign strategy and stay connected with customers through each sent SMS.

Why We Are Different

elfo, digital marketing

Secured Platform

We use the POST method for API integration and SSL certification system to ensure that you and your customers’ information are always secured and protected. That’s why you can rely on us to secure the privacy of your subscribers through a secured platform.


API Integration

Let technology do the heavy lifting for you. With our SMS API Integration, you don’t have to worry about manually keying in your customers’ phone numbers or contact details.

Our SMS API will do it for you so that your customers can easily receive upcoming promotions or you can personally remind them of bill payments through bulk SMS, email or other messaging platforms.

Use Premium Text Message Services

Multichannel Communication

You can now securely blast your SMS campaigns, marketing campaigns and messages through our reliable bulk SMS service, email and other messaging platforms with ease using our API integration. Yes, we’re talking about a one-stop platform that can cater to all your SMS and marketing campaign needs.

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