Brand Guidelines

Download our official brand resources and learn about usage guidelines.

elfo Logo

Full Color Logo
The positive version of the logo is always used on clear white or lighter color tinted backgrounds to maintain readability.

Black Mono Logo
For use on facsimile and other black and white publications.

White-out Logo
When used on dark and colored backgrounds, the logo should be all white to maintain readability. This will provide a striking contrast allowing the logo to be clearly legible.

Minimum Size

The minimum size for all printed material is 15mm wide and 50 pixels (at 72dpi) for digital on-screen use. The logo should never be used less than this size as this would lead to a compromise in readability.

For large formats such as banners, billboards and signages, the logo should be proportionally balanced to the size of the document. In all cases, the logo should never:

– Bleed off any edge
– Be cropped in any way

The logo must always maintain clear space around it especially for large formats such as those stated here. This will preserve the integrity of the logo and allow for maximum readability.

Minimum size for print applications

Minimum size for screen use:
50 pixels wide at 72 dpi

Improper Usage

The logo must not be altered or changed in any way and guidelines should always be adhered to. The master logo templates should always be used when putting together collateral.

Do not rotate the logo the logo

Do not add any texts on the logo

Do not stretch or wrap the logo

Do not add any color outline

Do not replicate the type in a different typeface

Do not change the color of any elements.

Do not apply fancy effects to the logo


Color is an engaging and vibrant way to display a brand’s character and is an integral part of the identity.

C:100 M:82 Y:35 K:25
R:21 G:58 B:99

C:73 M:13 Y:1 K:0
R:0 G:0 B:171

C:78 M:7 Y:89 K:0
R:48 G:169 B:88

C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0
R:255 G:255 B:255

C:1 M:18 Y:100 K:0
R:255 G:206 B:0

C:2 M:51 Y:100 K:0
R:241 G:145 B:32

C:4 M:91 Y:85 K:0
R:229 G:60 B:56

C:51 M:91 Y:0 K:0
R:147 G:54 B:163