Increasing clickthrough rate, brand awareness, and sales with Facebook and Google ads 


Aiming to increase the click-through rate, improve brand awareness and boost the overall website traffic and sales, Callie took their marketing campaign strategies to the next level.

Learn how elfo helped this fast-moving medical equipment brand increase their sales and traffic with elfo digital marketing services! 


Known for producing highly-certified medical-grade masks, Callie discovered the value of Facebook and Google ads. With elfo’s services, they achieved 3.69 ROAS and received RM16.9k purchase value after a 30days marketing campaign. 


Items purchased


Purchase value (MYR)


Return on ad spend (ROAS)


Stay safe in style

Callie was founded by Kelly Teoh and was made in Malaysia as a brand that provides beautiful, innovative protection surgical masks for everyday use.

Callie Masks are carefully crafted from premium quality, skin-safe ingredients that are highly-breathable, while also incorporating a modern fashion element into the design of face masks.

Their aim is to protect people from infectious viruses like Covid-19 and Influenza. Their products have expanded their distribution to Singapore, Indonesia and European countries.



Increase CTR and sales

Callie‘s main objective is to increase click-through rates across all social platforms, boost their overall website traffic and sales, and get a full digital marketing consultation from an expert. 



Online ad targeting

We have introduced Callie to our digital marketing services and helped them meet their expectations and goals in digital marketing.

Callie uses Facebook ads that focus on Reach and Traffic goals to help them achieve qualified leads as well as increase their click-through rate. Callie also serves engaging ads on the Google Display Network to help them reach their targeted internet users on any platform.

In order to push the number of online sales, Callie worked with elfo to display their ads through Facebook to reach their Conversion goals. This also helps Callie to see target website visitors who are most likely to complete the desired action and track the number of conversions. We also introduced Callie to Google SEM as a way to attract qualified traffic to their websites and increase conversions.


Essential part for every lifestyle

Callie found that working with elfo helped them improve campaign performance and increased return on ad spend. The campaign ran in May 2022 and showed: 

  • 442 items purchased 
  • RM16.9k purchase value 
  • 3.69 return on ad spend (ROAS) 


  • Social Content Strategy 
  • Video Ads: Facebook 
  • Carousel Ads: Facebook 
  • Collection Ads: Facebook 
  • Images Ads: Facebook 
  • SEM: Google 
  • Shopping: Google 
  • Display Network: Google 

Kelly Teoh

Brand Owner of Callie

elfo has helped us move our online presence into the 21st century. With their team’s extensive knowledge and friendly demeanor, we have been able to reach a larger target audience with our diverse product offering across Malaysia.

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