Enabling 2-way SMS services and establishing direct connectivity with all Malaysian telcos via elfo as the appointed technical partner


After appointing elfo as their technical partner, DAPAT expanded their coverage to all Malaysian telcos and provided a wider range of services to government agencies. 

Let’s take a closer look at how elfo contributes to DAPAT’s continuous success in their 2-way messaging services! 


With elfo, DAPAT is now having more coverage to another five additional Malaysian telcos namely UMobile, XOX, Tune Talk, Unifi and YES and have gained wider audiences to provide wider range of solutions to government agencies.


Reduction in cost

Extended direct connectivity

with all Malaysian telcos for 2-way SMS Services

Enable 2-way

for all direct Malaysian telcos connectivity


Inbound and outbound SMS traffic via elfo (2021)


Tech solutions provider

DAPAT Vista, better known as DAPAT, is a leading Malaysian tech solutions provider that specializes in deploying mobile technology solutions for Malaysian Government Agencies. They began as a premium content provider for SMS (Short Messaging System) in 2000 for Malaysia’s printing and broadcasting giants. then extended services for government bodies, including MAMPU (Malaysian Administration and Management Planning Modernization Unit). 

DAPAT was given the opportunity to lead the government’s transformation of digital services, which began in 2008. Their aim is to make life easier for Malaysians to get information and make payments from mobile phones and smart devices. 

Today, more than 350 government organizations, local governments, and public institutions offer more than 7000 services through mySMS messaging solutions, reaching more than 10 million Malaysians.  



Cost effective project management

DAPAT’s main objectives were to expand brand reach while improving customer engagement, enable full 2-way SMS with all Malaysian telcos connectivity, receive full project management and support for DAPAT’s projects and work with a cost-efficient technical partner with a flexible and customizable system.


Facilitating direct connectivity with Malaysian telcos

DAPAT credits elfoA2P for enhancing their SMS service seamlessly. Below are the solutions and approaches by our messaging team that have helped them meet their goals: –  


  • Customize SMS Gateway features to meet DAPAT’s unique requirements 
  • Established direct connectivity for 2-way SMS service with four additional Malaysian telcos (UMobile, XOX, Tune Talk and Unifi) 
  • Migrate DAPAT’s existing 1-series Sender ID and assisted with keywords registration with all Malaysian telcos for 2-way SMS service 
  • Generate 6-series sender ID which enables SMS broadcasting to YES subscribers 
  • Manage large volumes of inbound and outbound 2-way SMS traffic with fast speed at ease 
  • Provide full support 24/7 to resolve any technical issues that occur during live traffic and project management handled by dedicated account and technical manager 
  • Get competitive rates for 2-way SMS package which leads to cost efficiency 
  • Provide automated daily reporting and SMS Gateway dashboard access for traffic monitoring 


Cost reduction and broader audience

With elfo as their technical solutions provider, DAPAT measured the following results: 

  • 10-15% decrease in Year-over-year (YOY) cost of operation while revenue is maximized  
  • Extended direct connectivity with additional 4 Malaysian telcos (UMobile, XOX, Tune Talk and Unifi)  
  • Enable 2-way SMS to UMobile, XOX, Tune Talk and Unifi 
  • 17M+ inbound and outbound SMS traffic for government agencies 


  • SMS Broadcasting 
  • SMS Gateway: 2-way SMS Services 

Aishah Ghaffar

Head of expansion and growth at DAPAT Vista Sdn Bhd

We had fun working with elfo for over more than a year. We discussed a lot of technical points of view and surprisingly elfo was flexible enough to meet all of our requirements with quick response and turn-around time. We also get a competitive rate with the valuable services that they provide. elfo is efficient at resolving any technical issues that arise during our live traffic within tight deadlines. When it comes to dissimilarity, elfo is able to provide the support we need.

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