Increasing social media followers, awareness and engagement via social media management and media-buying

Located in Malaysia, Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) approached elfo to take over their digital marketing with the intention of gaining more followers, visibility, and engagement on social media platforms. 

See how elfo digital services managed to develop a digital marketing strategy that helped IJN achieve their goals cost-effectively. 


IJN discovered the value of elfo digital marketing for their healthcare industry and has gained followers and awareness with a monthly growth rate of over 10% on their Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels.


Average cost per engagement 


New Facebook followers in 5 months 


New Instagram followers in 5 months


Higher engagement rate than the industry benchmark

72.8% out of 25,600

Page visitors convert to game participants


Organic reach on Facebook and Instagram


Largest cardiac care center

Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), also known as the National Heart Institute, is recognized as one of the largest independent cardiac care centers in Southeast Asia. Since its opening in 1992, the institution has treated over 5 million patients to date.  

IJN has a highly competent team of cardiologists and support staff to handle emergencies and give specialized treatment for their patients. To maintain its position as the leading heart specialist institution in the region, IJN will continue to actively support training, research and development activities to enhance their standards of care. 



Boost visibility and awareness

IJN’s main objective is to increase social media followers, awareness and engagement with their audience and new patients on Facebook and Instagram.


Managing online presence

elfo worked with IJN to understand their expectations and found the gaps in their previous marketing plan. We set up growth-oriented social media management, media-buying strategies and digital game campaign to increase brand awareness and positively impact their Instagram, Facebook and TikTok audiences. Below are elfo approaches from the campaign: – 

  • Develop and manage content including images, reels and videos  
  • Create engagement campaigns to increase brand visibility and engagement rate on social media platforms. 
  • Create valuable and informative content to share and educate IJN’s audience and new patients.   
  • Organize and manage a digital contest called the ‘Healthy Heart Challenge’.  
  • Create contest ads using carousel, multi-images, reels and videos that were specifically personalized for IJN 
  • Create the festive and brand stickers to be used by the masses on Instagram and WhatsApp 


A healthy and successful upturn

We have helped IJN deliver exceptional results since the very first day of our cooperation. The campaign ran between May 2021 – Oct 2022 and achieved the following results:  

  • RM0.24 of average cost per engagement  
  • 5,158 new Facebook followers within 5 months  
  • 441 new Instagram followers within 5 months  
  • 5% higher engagement rate than the industry benchmark 
  • 72.8% out of 25,600 page visitors convert to game participants 
  • 63.9% organic reach on Facebook and Instagram   


  • Social Media Management 
  • Media-Buying 
  • Digital Game: Social Media 
  • Digital Game: Paid Ads 
  • Images Ads: Facebook 
  • Video Ads: Facebook 

Nur Izrinda Izzaty

Head of Integrated Media, Corporate Communication Department at IJN

From our experience, elfo is the best digital solutions provider for developing and executing fast and effective digital marketing strategies supported by responsive communication to our business needs. We are extremely satisfied with the results and we highly recommend elfo to any business that seeks a trusted and professional digital solution provider.

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