Generating high-quality automotive leads and expanding brand reach via Facebook Ads integration with WhatsApp 

Wanting to generate high-quality leads and raising brand awareness, Jual Kereta Lah chose elfo as their digital service provider. 

Learn how Jual Kereta Lah boosted their sales with elfo’s help! 


To increase the amount and quality of its leads, the used car platform provider added WhatsApp to its lead-generation strategy, ultimately seeing an increase in monthly leads by up to 20%. 


Leads from Facebook and Instagram ads 


Car orders from Facebook ads  


Cost per mile from Facebook ads 


Increase in clickthrough rate 


Trading cars with ease

Jual Kereta Lah is a trusted used car trading platform that offers a secure and convenient way to sell an automobile in Malaysia. Car sellers have the opportunity to trade vehicles and market them digitally  on the Jual Kereta Lah platform. Jual Kereta Lah offers a free inspection service to determine the best price for your automobile based on its model and year of manufacture.  

All services are available without hidden fees, minimum purchase, or sale requirements. Jual Kereta Lah strives to be the greatest premium used automobile dealer in the region by providing prompt, secure, and trustworthy service!  



Experience consistent growth and generate leads

Jual Kereta Lah’s primary goal is to effectively build a strong online presence, raise brand awareness and generate quality leads among the potential customers that are interested in selling cars. 



Earn high-value leads

Jual Kereta Lah partnered up with elfo’s digital services to generate high-quality leads via Facebook Ads integration with WhatsApp. We helped them run ads on Facebook with compelling visuals using static images, carousel and videos. With a “Send Message” call-to-action, customers were directed to WhatsApp chat where potential customers could learn more about Jual Kereta Lah’s services.  The aim is to get high impression with low cost per reach (CPR).

We used A/B testing to compare different captions and visuals for the ads in English, Chinese, and Malay. The testing is to identify the right audience and determine which ad version performs best for Jual Kereta Lah. In addition, we built a lookalike audience strategy to target new individuals who are likely to be interested in automotive brands and share the same interests as their existing customers. Jual Kereta Lah’s target market community is around the Johor, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Putrajaya areas.   

To further reach quality leads in WhatsApp, we tested which platforms are giving the better leads using WhatsApp Testing Channel. The testing channel gives the ability to experience the ads from the final user’s perspective. We chose WhatsApp as it generates high-quality leads that result in a higher conversion rate. With this campaign, Jual Kereta Lah can interact more personally with their customers while improving their experience and increasing sales at the same time. 


Driving in Success

The partnership with elfo, from July – October 2022, has helped Jual Kereta Lah achieve the following results:  

  • 20% monthly leads growth 
  • 321 leads from WhatsApp 
  • 36 car orders from Facebook ads 
  • 2% increase in clickthrough rate  


  • Google ads 
  • Images Ads: Facebook 
  • Video Ads: Facebook 
  • Carousel Ads: Facebook 
  • WhatsApp Messenger: Facebook 

Aldrian Tan Kok Li

Sales Manager of Jual Kereta Lah By leveraging our Facebook Ads with WhatsApp, we have seen a high quantity of leads generated and an increase in the volume of conversions. elfo provides us the opportunity to build loyal relationships with customers by making the service as simple and convenient as possible. So far, we have seen such great results that we consider them an extension of our social media management.

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