Raising brand awareness and improving customer engagement strategies with SEO, Ads, email and SMS marketing campaigns

Wanting to maximize SEO results, expand their online strategies and brand awareness. Mimpikita turned to elfo as their digital solutions provider. 

Learn how elfo helped this industry-leading, eCommerce brand increase revenue with our products & services!


The fashion brand discovered the power of SEO and social media marketing as well as email and SMS marketing campaigns and has reached a broader audience globally and improved customer engagement, seeing a 115% website traffic and a 4X higher ROAS from social media ads. 


Year-on-Year increase in website organic traffic 


Higher ROAS than industry benchmark 


Higher email open rate than the industry benchmark    


Higher average click rate than the industry benchmark  


SMS delivery rate and cost-effective conversions    


Contemporary modest fashion brand

Mimpikita was established in 2008 by three sisters named Nurul, Mira and Syera Zulkifli. Mimpikita is an international fashion brand specializing in Ready-to-Wear collections and Bridal + Bespoke Tailoring Services.  

Their brand name ‘Mimpikita’ comes from a Malay Language which means ‘Our Dreams’. Their mission is to break down barriers and perceptions about the ideas of modest fashion by designing fashionable collections that are versatile and stylish for every woman.  

For over 14 years, Mimpikita has built an intimate relationship with its consumers in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and the UK. 



Boosting engagement & sales in international market

Mimpikita’s main objective is to expand brand awareness in the international market, drive traffic to the platform and create a unique experience for their customers.



Fashion retailer meets digital solutions

To meet their goals and scale up the business, we introduced an array of products and services from elfo’s digital ecosystem. One of the steps in elfo’s strategy was to create their wide collections-based Ad campaigns on Facebook and Google.

We also introduced Mimpikita to our email marketing tool called elfoMAP that has features like drag & drop email editors, which help their team to edit, design, and craft beautiful engaging emails. Mimpikita also used our messaging platform, called elfoA2P to automate their SMS messaging, ensuring a high SMS delivery rate and cost-effective conversions from their campaigns.

Mimpikita’s team also found solutions to easily track and manage their email marketing campaign reports with the advanced reporting features in elfoMAP, which helps them to make informed decisions with in-depth campaign performance reports.


Successfully engaging online shoppers

elfo has helped Mimpikita run campaigns from Nov 2021 – ongoing, and achieved the following results:  

  • 115% Year-over-Year increase in website organic traffic  
  • 4X times higher ROAS than the industry average 
  • 4X higher email open rate and click-through-rate than the industry average 
  • 92% increase in delivery rate and cost-effective conversions 


  • Email Creator 
  • Predesigned Templates 
  • A/B Testing 
  • Email Analytics 
  • SMS Broadcasting 
  • SMS Reminders 
  • Notifications 
  • Social Content Strategy 
  • Facebook Remarketing Ads 
  • Google Ads 
  • Video Ads 
  • SEO Services 

Nurul Afidah Zulkifli

Founder & Creative Director of Mimpikita

elfo outperformed our expectations. Aside from great performance, what we really value about elfo is the quality of their customer support & fast turnaround time. elfo has helped us grow faster than we expected and they are always responsive and creative in developing new ideas and marketing strategies.

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