Delivering fast and reliable SMS broadcast and OTP with real-time support

After partnering with elfo to manage their SMS services, SPR Malaysia has successfully delivered text messages to a mass audience with a high delivery rate.

Let’s take a closer look at how elfo contributes to SPR Malaysia’s incredible results in their API customization!


With elfo’s simple SMS API interface, SPR Malaysia was able to ensure a 98% successful SMS delivery rate, which matched the urgency of the SMS content being delivered.


Successful delivery rate with transparent reporting 


Dedicated customer support 



Managing Malaysia’s National Elections

The Election Commission of Malaysia, also known as SPR or EC, was set up to make sure that elections in Malaysia are fair and operate smoothly. Its establishment is mandated by an executive order of the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

In 1957, the Election Commission of Malaysia was set up to make sure that elections were open, free, and fair. All elections are run by the commission. The main functions of the Election Commission are to study and redelineate Parliamentary and State Electoral Boundaries no less than every 8 years after the latest study and redelineation, to handle the process of registering voters and reviewing the electoral roll, and to run the general election for the Dewan Rakyat (House of Representatives) or State Legislative Assembly.

The Election Commission’s goal is to preserve, supervise, and maintain the process of democracy in Malaysia through free and fair elections.



Delivering secure SMS and getting 24/7 dedicated support

SPR’s main objectives were to get a dedicated service platform running 24/7 with real-time reports and integrate with an SMS API that ensures all text messages are sent to their recipients quickly, reliably, and securely.


Powerful and flexible SMS API

With elfo’s robust SMS API integration, SPR was able to send bulk text messages to users and reach customers in the most reliable, fastest and secure way while ensuring good SMS delivery rates. It allows them to personalize and optimize the contact list as per their objectives. Furthermore, we provided SPR with a solution to deliver one-time passwords (OTP) in real time to their users. This enables existing users to check their information as voters and new users to receive one-time PINs when they register as voters through their website.

Using the elfoA2P service platform, the SPR team can now track real-time reports of delivery statuses, enabling them to respond quickly if a delivery error occurs. elfo has a dedicated setup running 24/7 to maintain the delivery rate and quality of SPR’s SMS service.


Driving voter turnout

Since June 2021, SPR was able to continuously achieve their goals in SMS OTP security and receive the following results: 

  • 98% successful deliverability with transparent reporting 
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support 


  • SMS API 
  • SMS Broadcasting 
  • SMS OTP 

Yusniati Binti Ishak

Division secretary of voter registration at Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR)

It is important to make sure that all of our communications are delivered in a timely manner so that our recipients can react to them accordingly. We value all of elfo’s assistance with API customization and addressing issues that we are facing. Your expertise was hugely appreciated by the SPR team. 

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