Powering up brand awareness and increasing conversions via Facebook and Shopee CPAS Ads


Aiming to raise brand awareness across all social media platforms and increase the number of conversions, Sugarbelle chose elfo as their digital solutions provider. 

Learn how elfo helped this industry-leading, eCommerce brand increase sales with their products & services! 


The Malaysian cosmetic brand acknowledged the importance of Facebook and Shopee CPAS ads, managing to increase their website conversion rate by 244% and 4-5% average Shopee conversion rate.


In website conversion rate 


Average Shopee conversion rate  


In add to cart (Monthly)  


In LPV traffic (Monthly)


Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brand

Sugarbelle was introduced in 2014 and was founded by a well-known online mogul for Muslimah Fashion, Belle Al Yahya of Bella Ammara. Sugarbelle is a Malaysian cosmetic brand that focuses on paraben-free cosmetics and skincare which not only enhance your beauty but also helps to repair your skin.


Sugarbelle strives to provide the BEST when it comes to service and medically-proven ingredients while keeping up with the latest trends in the cosmetic world. Their collection of products is created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women of any age and skin color.


Lifting brand awareness and conversions

Sugarbelle’s main objective is to expand brand awareness across all social media and increase conversions through their website and online shopping platform.


Engaging collaborative ads

To further boost online sales and to raise brand awareness, we have introduced Sugarbelle to our digital marketing services to meet their business marketing goals and objectives.

The campaign kicked off by posting engaging advertisement content using a Page Likes campaign that not only drives traffic to their official website and Facebook but also to Shopee, which is an online shopping platform that leads to conversion. This service also gives Sugarbelle the ability to increase their followers, boost their page engagement levels, and build trust with their audience.

We also provided Sugarbelle with the solution to increase their sales and improve engagement with their audience by optimizing their whole sales funnel and pushing leads down the funnel that can drive revenue growth and turn leads into paying customers. Sugarbelle also ran Google ads that focused on Search and Display campaigns to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness and drive potential customers to their website.


Well-known local cosmetic brand

Sugarbelle increased both awareness and sales compared to their previous marketing strategy. elfo helped Sugarbelle run campaigns from July 2021 – Dec 2021, and achieved the following results:  

  • 244% increase in website conversion rate  
  • 4-5% average Shopee conversion rate  
  • 25% monthly increase in Add to Cart  
  • 16% monthly increase in Leads per visitor (LPV) traffic 


  • Social Content Strategy 
  • Video Ads: Facebook 
  • Carousel Ads: Facebook 
  • Collection Ads: Facebook 
  • Static Image Ads: Facebook 
  • Search Ads: Google 
  • Display Ads: Google 

Belle Al-Yahya

Founder of Sugarbelle

Leveraging elfo as our digital service provider has been a game changer for our marketing campaign strategy. We have seen incredible and successful results only within 19 days.

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