Building professional communications and improving student recruitment strategies with landing page builder and email marketing tools

elfo’s comprehensive marketing automation service helped UKM reach and connect with its students and increase student enrollments globally.  

See how UKM increased their institution’s international visibility with elfo’s products and services. 


The National University of Malaysia implemented elfo’s email marketing management services and saw a satisfactory email open rate result of over 93%, which resulted in 3000 new students during their intake campaigns. 


Increase in email open rate from webinar signup campaign newsletters 


Student leads conversion from the landing page 


Increase in subscription rates from the virtual recruitment fair 


Increase in number of attendees from online events 


Malaysia’s leading public university

For over 50 years, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has served over 25,000 national and international students with campuses located across Malaysia. UKM offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including medicine, law, engineering and social science, in its 13 faculties and 16 research institutes. 

UKM’s vision is to be a research center of excellence on regional and transregional studies leading to an understanding of historical and contemporary transformation, bearing in mind the interests of the Malaysian society. 



Connect and recruit more students

UKM wanted a dependable and user-friendly email marketing platform to improve communication with existing students and  boost student enrollments globally. 



Global Outreach

To achieve UKM’s vision, elfo introduced their email marketing management services with a free one-on-one walkthrough demo of all the available features. One of the features that helped UKM build and improve its communication strategy was elfo’s landing page builder and webforms. elfo provided UKM with an easy-to-use drag and drop email builder that allowed them to create beautiful and personalized email campaigns for their large number of students. 

The features also enabled UKM to increase institution visibility and reach out to potential students for global recruitment fair signup campaigns Moreover, UKM adopted elfo’s email marketing service to further engage with students and university staff and to develop a stronger community. 

In order to maximize their marketing efforts, UKM utilized elfo’s email analytics dashboard to track and measure their campaign performance by evaluating the right metrics. The analytical reports helped them improve and make smarter decisions for future online marketing campaigns. 


Effective communication, Higher enrollment conversions

elfo directly contributed to UKM’s email marketing growth from Aug 2020 – Nov 2021 by achieving the following results: 

  • 93% email open rate from webinar signup campaign newsletters 
  • 3000 student leads conversion from the landing page 
  • 17% increase in subscription rates from the virtual recruitment fair  
  • 25X increase in the number of attendees from online webinar events  


  • Email Creator  
  • Pre-designed Templates  
  • Landing Page Builder 
  • Webinar Builder 
  • Webform 
  • Email Analytics 

Puan Jureena Binti Noordin

Head of Business Development Division at UKM, Malaysia

With elfo’s email marketing management services, we could not only improve our engagement with existing audience but also optimize our recruitment strategy. Working with elfo has been a great experience. As clients, we see the commitment devoted by the elfo team and are extremely satisfied with their quality of service. I highly recommend elfo’s email marketing management services to any business that seeks a trusted, professional & performance-oriented email marketing solutions.

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