2022 email marketing review

By the end of 2022, most countries have already opened their borders and stopped enforcing major quarantine measures, so everybody is travelling more frequently and returning back to office. For email marketers, what this means is that more people are likely to open and read their emails, especially during morning and evening commutes.

To know for sure, email marketing makes measuring easy by providing valuable data that includes:

  • How many emails were sent to your customers
  • Emails opened by browsers or devices
  • Delivery rate
  • Click rates
  • Unsubscribe rate

Let’s check out how well your email marketing efforts have performed in 2022.

Email rates climb to a higher peak

Email marketing still remains one of the most affordable marketing channels that has a better chance of guaranteeing long-term gains. This year, we helped our clients deliver over 12.3 million emails!

Your emails are best read on…

Despite the growing popularity of social media, email marketing is still very much in use today, especially on bigger screens. 93% of your emails were opened on desktop.

A good chunk of people still uses email

Email is still a way of communication that everyone uses – whether you’re from a younger or older generation. Emailing someone seems more professional, so people generally still take it more seriously.

You achieved a fantastic 95% delivery rate, which means that nearly all of your emails arrived in the right inboxes and didn’t bounce.

Your messages connected with more people

Email lets you personalize your message in ways that social media can’t match, so email marketing is still an excellent platform to market your products and services.

Customizing emails allows you to incorporate several elements to entice people to visit your website. Your efforts seem to have worked, because you achieved 6% CTOR!

Your subscribers want to know what you’re offering

To do email marketing right, you need to send your subscribers valuable content that will keep them interested in your brand. Congratulations! Less than 0.2% unsubscribed from your newsletter this year.

Email marketing is worth investing in for business growth

Email marketing is still relevant and has a long future ahead because it’s so easy to use and cost-effective to scale. As the upward trend of email marketing continues, you’ll want to make sure that your brand is ahead of the marketing game.

To all our existing clients that use our Email Marketing Management Services, thank you for entrusting us with creating your messages and campaigns. We hope to continue working with you to grow your audience in 2023!