We all know how important social media is for business. Social media is no longer a luxury for businesses to have, failing to have a cohesive social media plan is a big risk as nowadays, competitors are moving by leaps and bounds to snag up customers online.  

And they aren’t wrong to do so.  

In fact, the Malaysian population on social media has even increased by 2.3 million (+8.0%) between 2021 to 2022, bringing the total of social media users up to a staggering 30.25 million in January 2022.  

Now, that’s a BIG CHUNK of your potential customers lurking online. Regardless of the industry you operate in or the type of product you are offering, there’s always a space and a platform for every brand to expand on social media. 

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But first, here’s a quick look at some examples of brands taking social media by storm. 

Brands To Watch in 2022 

As the leading fashion and beauty retailer in the UK, ASOS continues to grab the attention of online viewers through its portrayal of the brand’s young and hip identity.  

By choosing platforms like Snapchat (to target young adults), Instagram (focusing on building a community of advocates through aesthetic images) as well as TikTok to provide new takes on exciting new fashion-inspos.  

Another heavyweight example would be MailChimp, the email marketing service, and automation that provides automated email crafting services to businesses.  

For a brand that offers an intangible product or a service, social media can be a great tool to establish the “why”, as in “why” businesses need this service. Applying a heavy ratio of educational content to branding content, MailChimp’s social media is mainly focused on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  

What should I do to establish a social media presence? 

Regardless of whether your business model is a B2C or B2B, social media can help you build brand awareness, set yourself apart from competitors, reach larger groups of audiences, A/B test your messages and content, and even close leads for sales.  

So, fret not, here’s a specially curated elfo cheat sheet for you to start planning your social media expansion! 

Tip 1: Choose the platforms where your brand fits  

Just like life, not every chocolate we get tastes sweet.  

Similarly on social media, authenticity, and relevancy is key. Choose the right platform according to your brand’s target audience, audience size and demographics, and your brand’s goals.  

If your B2C business’s main goal is to build brand awareness, choosing platforms like Instagram and TikTok may be more suited for your business.  

elfo Bonus Tip: There is a plethora of social data for you to explore. Simply check the analytics of your desired platform by using data from a third-service provider to get a better conclusion. 

Tip 2: Engage authentically with your audience and build relationships 

Although you’re communicating to your audience through a screen, using the right tone, language, and messages consistent with your brand’s vision, mission, and service offerings can showcase who you are and what your brand stands for.  

Sounds easy, but when done correctly, it has the power to influence positive word-of-mouth and inspire audiences to move through the marketing funnels, even up until converting them into leads.  

elfo Bonus Tip: As your brand goes public on social media, remember to engage, address their questions, speak and build a strong relationship with your audiences.  

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Tip 3: Planning and strategizing content can make a lot of difference 

An overload of the content may confuse or misdirect audiences to take an undesired action. In order to prevent this from happening, carefully and critically plan the messages your brand uses online. 

One way to achieve this is through the use of a social content calendar, which can ensure consistency and relevancy standards are being controlled.  

elfo Bonus Tip: There is more than a single type of content you can use on social media. The content pillars you use heavily depend on your brand’s offering and the platform of social media. Hashtags can also make a big difference! 

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Tip 4: Visuals matter and less is sometimes – more! 

Creative assets help to grow clicks, convert sales and strengthen your brand’s recall. As social media is a crowded space, packed with competitors, your brand should make use of every opportunity – including how your visuals look – to stand out from the rest. 

elfo Bonus Tip: Colors, sounds, or any creative elements that are unique, catchy, or easily distinguished are a great way to give your brand a more human identity. Charts are also a great way to showcase a collection of data! 

Let us help you make sense of your social media presence. 

Reach out to our friendly team of digital sleuths to discover how you can better reach the online audience! We’re always ready to help you advance your business.